Awesome News Alert! Hint: Greensboro, North Carolina

Written By: Jess - May• 09•14

Sooooo I have a little story for ya’ll today. But first, I have to tell you a story from last year. Ready?

Here we go:

Last year I heard that Orson Scott Card was going to be doing his Writing Class and Literary Boot Camp down in Orem. I had no idea prior to seeing this announcement on Twitter (yay for Twitter!) that he did these. So I did a little research and learned about them. I decided I needed to write a short story so I could submit the first page of it for consideration to get into the Bootcamp (Bootcamp is a week and only had 14 or so spots, the class was two days and pretty much anyone could go to it if you forked over the $175).  I wrote that thing and started taking it to my local writing chapter to polish it up as fast as I could. I’d never finished anything before, so finishing that short story was a proud moment for me. Looking back at it now makes me realize how much it actually sucked, but still, during those few months I was proud of it.

So, with crossed fingers I submitted it. I was hopefully. Oh, so very, very hopefully.

The waiting. Oh, my gosh. The waiting was stressful.

Long story short: I got a very kind rejection letter.

I still went to the writing class, which I got some interesting insight into contracts and rights that made the $175 worth it to me.

Fast forward to this year:

A couple months ago I got an email saying that OSC was having his Bootcamp and writing class in Greensboro, North Carolina this year. I’d discussed it with Jack when I didn’t make the Bootcamp cut last year that if I got accepted in 2014 that we’d find a way for me to go no matter where it was held. Btw, Bootcamp ain’t cheap. Neither are plane tickets.

This time around I was determined not to get my hopes up. I got a nice reminder from life that crushed hopes hurt a lot when they don’t happen.  This time around I didn’t try and write an entire (or even the beginning) of a short story. Instead I decided to send in the first page of my novel. I’d noticed the year before that a couple people had done that rather than the first page of a short story. The novel I’m referring to is the one I finished at the iWriteNetwork Retreat, not the new shiny.

So, I polished my first page up, took it to the Writing for Charity Workshop, got some awesome feedback on it, made some changes, and emailed it for consideration. As soon as I hit ‘send’ and sent the $175 deposit, I promptly tried to forget about it. I figured it would be best if I took on a new attitude about getting in or not this year. More accurately, I decided to care as little as possible. And, believe it or not, for the most part I succeeded.

Well, this weekend came and went and I briefly wondered when I’d hear the outcome.  The deadline had just past and I knew I could potentially get ‘The Email’ any day, except this time I wasn’t checking my inbox like an anxious little loon. I half expected I wouldn’t get in again.

On Wednesday I didn’t have to be to work right when it opened, which translated to me that I could get an extra half-hour of sleep in. Around the time I was supposed to wake up I got a phone call from some random number I didn’t recognize. My first thought was to ignore it since I figured it was debt collection calling for freaking Shaniqua Holly, or whatever her name is (I’m not joking either. That really is her name or close to it. I’ve got countless calls and texts for this women since I got my new number back in August). But I thought, ‘meh. Might as well tell them to leave me alone once again,’ and answered. It went something like this:

Me: “Hello?”

Unknown Woman: “Is this Jessica?”

Me: *wakes up a little more* “Yes, this is her.”

Unknown Woman: “Hi, this is Kathleen. I’m calling you about Orson Scott Card’s Bootcamp.”


“Uh- huh.”

Kathleen: “I wanted to let you know you were accepted! I realized that I entered your email address wrong when I let everyone know. You should have found out May 2nd.”

Me: It’s okay! That’s awesome! Thanks for letting me know. (at this point I’m grinning like an idiot)

… And the rest of the Phone call went on with her telling me a little bit about it and when I needed to let her know I could come, money was due, etc.

When I got off the phone I was pretty stoked to say the least.

You know that YouTube video where the cute little kid asks “Is this real life?” That was me for the rest of the day. I immediately called Jack and made him guess a couple of times before he got it right.  I then called my parents, both of which guessed that my ‘exciting news’ was that I was pregnant or I bought a horse. I said I wasn’t and I hadn’t. The next guess was a writing thing, which I then told them about. My mom reminded me that my little sis was in Greensboro for the summer since her husband is doing summer sales there. So, more awesome news! I get to see Ember and Clark!

And that’s my awesome news alert. I’m attending OSC Literary Bootcamp this year. I made one of the 12 spots. Yay!


(Oh, and I’m switching my general post days to be Fridays, instead of Mondays. :) )


*Edit Info: The edit I did a few months later from the original publication was to take out  information that I no longer thought necessary or contributed to the nature of the post. All other information remains unchanged.

Writing Prompt #7: “You know what they say. . .”

Written By: Jess - May• 07•14

What the sayToday’s Writing Prompt:

“You know what they say. . .”

My 100 Words:

“You know what they say. . .” Courtney said around her straw.

“Yeah, yeah,” Ollie said as he stirred his own drink. “It’s always better fresh.”

Courtney’s blonde locks bounced up and down. “No more of this junk,” she said. She grimaced as she took another sip. “How much longer?”

Peering around the corner and up the dim stairwell, Ollie turned back around and shrugged.

Courtney sighed. “Stairway duty is the worst.”

Heavy footsteps echoed above them and the corners of Ollie’s mouth turned upward.

“You know what they say,” Ollie said as he tossed his cup of blood aside.


Photo Credit: Salvatore Vuono,

Photo Credit: Salvatore Vuono

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Weekend Mayhem – LDStoryMakers 2014

Written By: Jess - May• 06•14

  LDStoryMakers 2014

I attended my first year of LDStoryMakers this year! I really had a lot of fun being there and interacting with friends from the Utah Valley Writers Chapter and iWriteNetwork (as well as a few others who I know from around the state).

I got to attend some AMAZING classes and make new connections. On top of that I even found a couple of critique groups I’m going to join. Hopefully they’ll work out and we’ll mesh well. :) *crosses fingers*

I’ve been needing a good group or two. As soon as I pull out my MS for “This Damn Jar” I’ll be able to clean it up and start taking it in to get torn to ribbons. Unfortunately, I won’t be doing that for another couple weeks, but in the mean time I can start attending the groups and getting to know everyone.

Some of the classes I got to attend while at StoryMakers included the intensives with J. Scott Savage and Brandon Sanderson. Both were extremely helpful and I learned a lot from them. If anything, I want to finish my Americorp year up ASAP so I can get my educational money and try and take Brandon Sanderson’s class (I can’t believe I actually want to attend BYU for something. Granted it’ll be for non-degree seeking purposes, but still. BYU. When did hell freeze over?) If only J.Scott Savage and Lisa Magnum taught semester long classes as well I’d be all set.

Other News

I have a new writing set up!

Sort of. Jack and I switched spots the night I got home from StoryMakers. Originally I was stationed at the ‘built in’ computer desk the apartment came with. I didn’t use it much because I had a cheap-o chair from IKEA that was incredibly uncomfortable, not to mention too short for the desk, and the space was cramped and cluttered.

However, we didn’t switch because my space wasn’t working for me (or at least that’s not what spurred the trade), but because Jack wanted to hook his computer up directly to the internet rather than over wifi. Now that my desktop is on the wifi setting I understand his desire (which is weird considering my little laptop has no problem with it). The wifi sucks major. But it’s worth it for me because I have a normal sized desk, my comfy fold-out chair (the IKEA chair is going to the first DI I see), and plenty of wall space for me to hang up my plotting/brainstorming board and calendar. We also bought an awesome little bookcase for me to put all my books on writing, resource material, and anything else related to me working on my books.

I’m in love with it.

Jack, good-naturedly, made a point to mention that the little black bookshelf is my fourth one in the apartment, which lead us to debating how true that statement was.  Yes. I know I have a problem. But really, I’m in love with my new space and I have since been writing a lot more on my desktop again:

The new desk setup

The new desk setup.


Up coming Workshops/Conferences I’m excited for:


Writers for Life Workshop 


iWriteNetwork’s Summer Workshop

Maybe Westercon 67 (looks way cool)


IRC Live! ’14


Writing Prompt #6: I stared at the flames that had …

Written By: Jess - Apr• 30•14

FlamesToday’s Prompt:

I stared at the flames that had …

My 100 Words:

Grey flecks coated everything before another blast of wind picked them up and pushed them past us.

My stomach dropped whenever a flicker of orange appeared among the ash, confirming that we were losing the fight.

“What a waste,” Greg muttered as the thick smoke inched its way through the trees. “We even warned them early.”

Sweat beaded on his check behind his visor, making me conscious of drops that rolled along my rib cage. Not knowing what to say, I stared at the flames that had already overtaken half of the forest and hoped we could contain it here.


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Photo Credit: By Toa55,

Writing Exercise – “Eddie’s Hell”

Written By: Jess - Apr• 28•14

This scene came about from the WonHundred Words Wednesday bloggings. I had the idea to combine three of my characters from the prompts and put them together. This was delightful to write. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

You might want to read the two flash fictions that the characters come from, here: “The Devil’s Name was Fred” & “Would You Like Fries With That?

“Eddie’s Hell”

The door opened and then slammed shut as Fred hustled in a young man wearing a fast food chain uniform peppered with bullet holes.

“My administrative assistant said you were being difficult,” Fred said, dumping a load of paperwork that had large red x’s next to where his signature needed to be.  He ignored the pile and peered over his glasses at the scowling face. “Why, Edward?”

Eddie went to open his mouth but Fred cut him off.  “Let me guess. Hmm? You don’t think you belong in hell. There’s been a mistake. A mix-up perhaps?” Fred chuckled.

The young man snorted and propped his feet up on Fred’s desk. Slack jawed and wide-eyed, Fred shoved them off and pulled out a handkerchief to buff the polished wood.

“It’s Eddie, not Edward. And no. I definitely belong in hell.” Eddie said. “I just want to know if I have to see –”

“This is, like, so wrong!” A voice wailed.

Both Eddie and Fred cringed in unison.

Fred’s intercom buzzed and he pressed the button to receive the call. “Yes, Mr. Wormwood?”

“A friend of Eddie’s is here. She’d like to speak with you as well,” the disembodied voice said, sounding uncomfortable.

Eddie waved his hands back and forth, fervently mouthing ‘no’ over and over again.

There was the sound of clanging and Wormwood whimpering before a high pitched voice grated their ears.

“I said I’M, LIKE, NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. I should be an angel! People like me don’t go to hell!” The distraught woman yelled into the confiscated intercom. There was sniffing. “I’m too pretty.”

Fred took off his glasses, rubbed the bridge of his nose, straightened and smiled at the device. He looked brave to Eddie, except for his shaking finger as he leaned in close and pressed the button to talk.

“Trust me dear, there are plenty of pretty people here in hell. Why don’t you come back here and I’ll explain it all to you and your dear friend Mr. Edward.”

“That psycho is not my friend,” Eddie said. He glared at the door as he reached for Fred’s letter opener on the desk.

Fred smacked Eddie’s hand away and shook a finger at him. “None of that or I’ll stick you on Hell’s Janitorial Crew.”

“She shot me!” Eddie said. “At least let me poke her with it.”

With a crinkled nose and scrunched up mouth, Fred shook his head and said, “Absolutely not.  If you want to act like a savage I can arrange for you to keep them company. Better yet, I can arrange for you to clean up after them.” Fred’s voice took on a sterner tone. It reminded Eddie of a principal from an 80’s movie.  “Trust me young man. You don’t want that.”

Eddie was about to quip back when the door burst inward and a blonde woman teetered into the room. Her massacre was smudged, lipstick smeared across her upper lip, and her hair looked like a rats nest. Or like someone had pulled it. She also had bullet holes in her torso, although considerably more than Eddie.

“Well if it isn’t Calorie Counting Barbie,” Eddie drawled as he leaned back in his chair.

“You!” the blonde screamed and lunged for Eddie, but Fred caught her around the waist and pulled her backward. She clawed at the fast food employee, her chipped nails aiming for his face. Eddie toppled out of his chair and backed up against the wall.

“See! Told you. A complete psycho,” Eddie panted. He eyed the letter opener again.

“This is how you ended up dead,” Fred said to Eddie. He turned his attention back to the struggling woman in his arms. “Miss. Miss, please take a seat. Eddie will behave himself.”

Eddie snorted.

Fred again looked over the rim of his glasses at Eddie, making the young man squirm. The blonde stopped struggling and took a few deep breaths. Fred waited a few more moments before releasing his captive.

“State your name,” Fred said as he stepped around her and stood between Hell’s two latest additions.

“Penny,” the woman said, sniffing as she smoothed her skirt.

“He didn’t ask you about your total earnings of being able to form a single coherent thought,” Eddie said with a false smile. “He asked for your name.”

Penny’s eyes blazed and she hurtled forward again.

Fred pushed her back. “Edward!” he said, his voice hard. “I warned you.”

Eddie shrugged.

Fred wondered if there was something worse than the Janitorial Crew.


Photo Credit: By artur84

(Live from LDStoryMakers) A Post from Brandon Sanderson’s Master Class

Written By: Jess - Apr• 26•14

Hi everyone. This is a quick (but long) post. During Brandon Sanderson’s master class at LDStorymakers he asked what character dossier people used. “The EPIGUIDE.COM Character Chart for Fiction Writers”  by Kira Lerner and Toni Walker is the one I like to fill out to better understand my major characters. I’ve tweaked and reorganized it for me and I’m sharing my version below.


BTW, I feel the urge to warn you that if you plan on printing this out with 12 point font and double spaces, plan on it being a minimum of 13 pages.


My version of Kira Lerner and Toni Walker’s Character Dossier:




Character’s Full Name:

Name Origin:

Nickname, if any and origin:

Do they like the nickname:



            DOB & Age:

            Place of Birth:

            Ethnic Background:


            Degree of religious practice (orthodox, casual, lapsed):



            Hair (color, natural/unnatural, length, style & texture):

            Eyes (shape, color, glasses/contacts/any):

            Face Shape (round, oval, chubby, thin, long, square, heart-shaped, etc.):

            Skin tone (pale, ivory, tan, olive, ruddy, brown, etc.):

            Height & Body Type (thin, athletic, overweight, curvy, muscular, etc.):

            Hearing (average, deaf, better than average, hearing aid?):

            Any prominent features, freckles/moles/scars/tattoos or other distinguishing marks:

            Do they looking like anyone in their family or a famous person? Which parent do they take after:

            General Health:

            Any current health problems or chronic conditions:


            How do they dress (expensive/inexpensive/cheap/average):

            Style (trendy/haute couture/conservative/eclectic/business/sexy/gaudy/casual/sloppy):

            Why do they dress in the above manner:

            Any special jewelry:

            Grooming (fastidious/very neat/average/clean buy scruffy/dirty/unkempt)? Why?



            Pace of speech (fast, average, slow?):

            Voice tone (shrill, high, average, deep, squeaky, hoarse, harsh, authoritative, cultured, etc.):

            Accent/dialect, if any:

            Any favorite/habitual words/phrases? Curse words?

            Describe general vocabulary or speech pattern (e.g. educated, precise, pretentious, average, uneducated, vulgar…):

            Mannerisms/Demeanor (Cool/confident, Volatile, Nervous/Shy, Aggressive, Friendly, Remote, Other):

            Typical Posture (Stiff, Stands straight but not stiffly, Average, Slumped/defeated, Relaxed, etc.):

            Gestures (Rarely, Controlled, When excited, most of the time, wildly/oddly, other):

            Common/Habitual Gestures (nail-biting, hair patting, drumming fingers, clenched fists, hands in pockets, etc.):



            Finances: (prudent/cautious, some debt, lives paycheck to paycheck, deep in debt, criminal activity, etc.):

            Personal Habits: Smoking, Drinking, Drugs, Gambling, etc.? Are any of these addictions?

            Morning Routine: Who else is sleeping in the same bed? What time do they wake up? Are they cheerful in the morning?  What do they do during breakfast-read, watch tv, feed kids, etc.:

            Afternoon/Workday: How do they get there? Are they good at this job? What, if anything, would they rather be doing? How long and hard is the work day? If the job isn’t outside the home, what does a typical afternoon consist of?:

            Dinner: Do they eat at home or go out a lot? What is their favorite restaurant(s)? Who cooks at home? Do they eat alone? 

            Evening: What do they do on a typical evening? Where? With whom? How much do they enjoy it? What is the ideal evening for them?

            Sleep Habits:  Fall asleep easily, or an insomniac? Any recurring dreams? Sleep soundly, or toss & turn?

            Any special talents? Skills?

            What is s/he particularly unskilled at?

            Any hobbies (sports, games, arts, collecting, etc.)?




            Current address:

            Do they rent or own?

            Brief description of home (apartment/house/etc.):

            Do they live with anyone?

            Describe the area in which s/he lives (city, town, rural, other):

            Is this his/her ideal home and location? If not, what would s/he prefer?

            What is the Home décor like?


            Do they drive? Own a car? (Make, model, color, age, etc.):


            Pets?  (If so, what kind/how many/names?)

            If so, how important are they? How well are they treated?




            Current occupation (include length of time, location, job title):

            Job satisfaction (happy, discontent, ambivalent, ambitious…):


            Future Career Plans?


            Sexuality (e.g. straight, gay, bisexual, asexual, uncertain…):

            Marital status:

            If married or currently romantically involved, with whom, and for how long? 

            List any significant previous romantic partners:

            For current spouse/partner, what does the character call him/her (pet names, nicknames, etc.?):

            How did they meet?

            Any children (include names, ages, other parent if different from any current partner):

            Describe his/her relationship with children (if any):



Mother’s Name (include maiden name if known/applicable):

            Current status:  __ living __ deceased   (If alive, enter age: )

            Mother’s occupation, if any:

            Describe the mother’s relationship with character:

Father’s name:

            Current status:  __ living __ deceased   (If alive, enter age: )

            Father’s occupation, if any:

            Describe the father’s relationship with character:

            Any step-parents, foster parents, or birth parents (if not same as above):

            Are they adopted, do they know? If not, why?

Sibling(s) (include age and birth order relative to main character):

            Relationship(s) with character:


            In-Laws, if any:

            Other than the above, who else in the story is part of their extended family (e.g. cousins, etc.)?



            Home town (if different from current home):

            Was his/her childhood happy? Troubled? Dull?  Does the character remember it accurately?

            Earliest memory:

            Happiest memory:

            Saddest memory:

            How much school did s/he attend, if any? Did/does s/he like school? Why or why not?:

            Most significant childhood event:

            Other significant childhood events:

            Significant past jobs:

                        Police record (explain any convictions, sentence served, where/when):

            First crush/romantic love?

            What was his/her first sexual experience?  Is it a positive or negative memory?

            Major illnesses, accidents or traumas? How are they still affected, if at all?



            Who is their best friend?

            Who are their other close friends?

            How in general does the character relate to friends?

            … to strangers?

            … to spouse/Lover?

            … to past spouses/lovers?

            … to own children, if any?

            … to other family members?

            … to the same sex?

            … to the opposite sex?

            … to children in general?

            … to others who are more successful?

            … to others who are less successful?

            … to boss (if any)?

            … to underlings at work?

            … to competitors?

            … to authority (police, IRS, politicians, attorneys, doctors, etc.)?

            What do most people consider their most likable trait?

            What do most people consider their biggest flaw?

            Any secret attractions/crushes?

            In romantic relationships, is their generally monogamous or uncommitted? (If the latter, is their honest w/ partners?)

            Is their sexual behavior inhibited, average, experimental, or reckless? Has this changed (and if so, why)?

            Whom does their dislike most, and why?

            Whom does their like most, and why?

            Who’s the most important person in their life right now, and why?

            Whom does they secretly admire (nonromantic), and why?

            Who was their biggest influence, and why?

            Person they most misunderstands or misjudges:

            Person who most misunderstands or misjudges them:

            Have they lost touch with anyone significant in their life? If so, why?

            Worst end of a relationship (could be friend, romance, colleague…)?

            Whom do they most rely on for practical advice?

            Whom do they most rely on for emotional support?

            Whom, if anyone, do they support (e.g. advice or emotional support)?



            Any psychological issues:

            Are they an optimist or pessimist:

            Personality (Color Code):

            They’re most comfortable when … (alone, hanging w/friends, drinking, etc.):

            They’re most uncomfortable when … (in a crowd, alone, speaking in public, etc.):

            They’re cautious, brave, or reckless in their approach to life?

            What do they most value/prioritize (family, money, success, religion, etc.)?

            Whom do they really love best?

            Whom or what would they be willing to die for?

            Are they generally compassionate or self-involved?

            Personal philosophy:

            What’s their most embarrassing moment?

            What’s their secret wish?

            What (or who) is their biggest fear?

            Any prejudices (race, culture, sexuality, religion, etc.)?

            Political party or beliefs, if any:

            Do they believe in fate or destiny? Are they superstitious?

            Character’s greatest strength:

            Other good characteristics: 

            Character’s greatest flaw:

            Other character flaws:

            What are their own favorite attributes (both physical and personal)?

            What about least favorite?

            Are these feelings accurate?

            How do they think others perceive them? (And is this accurate?)

            Biggest regret:

            Other regrets:

            Proudest accomplishment:

            Other accomplishments:


            Character’s biggest secret(s)? Who else knows (if anyone)?

            How do they react to a crisis?

            What usually causes the problems in their life (romance, finances, friends, rivals, colleagues, personality flaws, health, etc.)?

            What would they most like to change about them self? Why?

            Write a paragraph (100 words) of the character describing them self:

            Short term goals:

            Long term goals:

            Do they plan to achieve these goals, or do they think they’re unrealistic?

            Will others be affected? If so, do they care?

            What if anything is stopping them from achieving these goals?

            What event or occurrence do they most dread or fear?

            What do they actively work to gain, keep or protect?

            Which person in their life would they most want to emulate?

            Which person in their life would they least want to emulate?












            TV Show:


Writing Prompt #5: Would you like fries with that?

Written By: Jess - Apr• 23•14

fries(1)Today’s Prompt:

“Would you like fries with that?”

My 100 Words:

Eddie stared at the girl on the other side of the counter as her empty gaze scanned the menu.

“So, does the calorie count include the bun?” she asked, her voice accented with several ‘ums’ and ‘likes’.

Dear God above. What did I do to deserve this?

“Yes,” Eddie said.

His manager gave him a dirty look and he plastered on a smile for the blank face in front of him.

The girl frowned. “Do you have any other recommendations?”

Eddie ground his teeth. “A lobotomy?”

Another glare from the manager.

He smiled wider. “And would you like fries with that?”

Photo Credit: KEKO64,

Photo Credit: KEKO64

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Grammar and Me

Written By: Jess - Apr• 21•14

Note: I was worried about not writing enough for this blog and then realized that it doesn’t have to be very long. This one is short and sweet. :) 

I suck at grammar. Always have. I didn’t get it in high school and in college I had completely given up because I still couldn’t get it.

Here’s a pretty good representation of how I felt whenever someone (teacher or friend) tried to explain it to me:

Granted, some of it has started to sink in slowly.

However, in the past year and a half I’ve started to care and have really tried to work on doing better with it. Turns out when you want to write a book and have it make sense you need to be somewhat decent at grammar. For the past year I’ve been buying grammar books and apps. I’ve also been making flashcards that I take everywhere (whether or not I’ve actually taken them out of my bag and memorized them yet is an entirely different matter). 

The good news is I have noticed that I’ve gotten better at it. So there’s hope for me after all!

Here’s all the books I have on it, plus some that go into how to revise (with one or two just ordered and on the way):



What about you guys? What do you struggle with and are trying to improve with your own writing?


Writing Prompt #4: Today’s Horoscope: Your prized possession will end up in someone else’s hands

Written By: Jess - Apr• 16•14

prizedToday’s Prompt:

Today’s Horoscope: Your prized possession will end up in someone else’s hands.

My 100 Words:

Madeline shook from head to toe as she overturned another piece of furniture.

“It was just here,” she said between choking sobs.

The snot running down her throat made it more difficult to breathe as she tore the sheets from her bed, hoping the horoscope was wrong. The woman in the market had said her most prized possession would end up in someone else’s hands.

That would be near impossible since no one knew about her secret.

Frustrated, she spun around and saw a man in the doorway.

He held her lamp and smiled. “I’m ready for my three wishes.”


Photo Credit to: Victor Habbick

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Writing Prompt #3: That’s what happens when you follow your heart

Written By: Jess - Apr• 09•14

This one turned out a little weird, but as always I had fun writing it. :)

1980075_10152308818175915_1368622903_oToday’s Writing Prompt:

“That’s what happens when you follow your heart.”

 My 100 Words:

She squatted down behind the bushes, her leg extended and jittering in place. With a furrowed brow she watched the log.

Inch forward like a slug or lunge like a big cat? She gnawed on her lip as she watched the small white wings attached to the red body pump slowly in place.

Like a cat!

She sprung from the bushes, her feet beating the ground as she dived for the small thing.

“No!” she said as it fluttered out of her reach.

A boy sighed behind her.

He shook his head. “That’s what happens when you follow your heart.”

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