My 2-3 Months “Break”

Written By: Jess - Jun• 13•16

Update on the New Shiny

Hopefully by the end of tonight I will have finished my werewolf story. All I have is the closing scene to write, so not much at all.  Once it’s done, I’m taking a couple months break to get some distance from it before taking a second look.

1. Short Story Edits

One of my critique groups has already gone through and critiqued one of my short stories, however, I haven’t had time to go through and make all the changes that are needed. So that’s next.

2. Read 8 novels on writing.

I have an insane amount. Too many actually, so I’m tying to make a dent in the pile.

3. First Draft Changes

I wouldn’t consider this a true edit. It’s more me going back and making sure things are consistent. For example, I later cut a character’s point of view that I’d introduced earlier on, so I need to go back and remove it and put information I reveal there in either a new scene or an existing one. That’s a major one, but there’s other smaller clean up tasks I need to go back and do.

4. Finish Edits on the Pandora Story  & Submitting

So I never really finished these. I have probably less than a week’s worth to do (yes, I know. Pathetic that it’s not done yet). Plus I need to make a list of agents, polish the query just a little more, and write a synopsis (I always goof up and think syphilis, though that might be because they’re both so awful). I’ll also start the submission process . . . maybe. I might take another look at it to see if I can trim it done further.

5. Write 2 Short Stories

I want to write at least two. They’re fun. I’ve discovered they’re great for me exploring a world without writing a whole novel about it, and helps me figure out if I really want to write in that world.

6. A New Novel

My new shiny that I just finished is no longer going to be a new shiny! So I need a new one. I’ll be plotting out a new one. I have two ideas, but I’m leaning more strongly towards one than the other (involving the same character). So that will be fun.

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