Audio Books & Kindle Reads

Written By: Jess - Dec• 31•15

Audio books are the best. I’m currently listening to “Never Less than a Lady.” It’s a straight up romance novel, the kind I almost expect Fabio to be on the cover of. It’s predictable (for the most part) and totally unrealistic in a lot of ways (sometimes insultingly so). In other words, it’s pure fantasy. I probably read these types of books once a year–it’s about all I can handle. All the same, I’m enjoying the complete cheesiness of it.

I’m also in the middle of a Kindle read. It’s called “The Builders” by Daniel Polansky. Picture talking cowboy/pirate critters dressed like people. I’m at the point where I think about about to find out what these no-good varmints are up to.  Should be good.


Stick around. I might have some fun news next week.


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