Getting the Stupid Voice Right

Written By: Jess - Dec• 21•15

Writing third person is hard. I struggle with it every time. Normally, I find writing in first person a lot easier. But I need to get better at writing in other view points, so this story is kind of a warm up before I jump into my second novel (which is also 3rd person pov).

Finding Harley’s voice was easy. . . a whole year ago. Since then, he got mad at me and has refused to talk. No, I’m not crazy. He’s just one of the few characters who popped into my head and wouldn’t stop yammering until I wrote down his story. Seriously, he had a full blown personality and everything (and he Would. Not. Shut. Up.) The problem is, I started to write it and then stopped due to other projects, which really irritated Harley. I know because when I started to write him a week or two ago, I floundered. It took a long time for me to get even 300 words on the page in comparison to my usual 1,200. I also struggled because I changed the pov. He was going to be first person, too. *sigh* But I think I found his voice. Jack thinks I may have as well.

You know that scene in Jaws where they’re dishing out the chum to the shark? That’s what I imagine whenever I go to critique groups. I feel like I should ring a dinner bell or something. We’ll see what my writing friends think when I give it to them to shred to pieces (which only makes it better in the end. Feedback is an awesome, terrifying thing).

(I love this movie so much)


Progress Today: 424 words + lots of edits

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