Next Steps into the New Year

Written By: Jess - Dec• 19•15

Hello, internet. Long time, no see. I’m going to get back in the swing of things now that my Little is almost 3 months old. So, here are the plans for the new year:

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

1.) New Book Baby: I’m starting my werewolf book in January. I’m actually very excited about it. I’ve been editing my other UF novel and writing short stories, but this is what I’ve been looking the most forward to. I’m hoping to write the first draft in 3-4 months. The goal is to have this book done and ready to submit within a year. I’m not a fan of taking nearly three years on one book, which leads me to . . .

2.) Submitting: I’m starting to hate my Pandora novel. I’m sick and tired of working on it. I just want it done. But I need to learn how to edit, and even if it never gets published, at least I’ll have taken away something from the experience. I’ve learned a lot from it already with it being my first book and all, but I still need to learn a little more, which is where the editing comes in. I’m still hoping to publish it though. The plan is to start sending it to agents/publishers sometime in January. I still need to brush up the query letter and write a synopsis, but I should be done (hopefully) with the edits by then.

3.) Harley’s Story: So, I have this short story I’m working on about a body snatcher. I started writing it this week, and so far I’m having a blast with the character. He’s a fun one. Questionable morals and ethics, but fun. If I can keep it below 10K words, I’ll be ecstatic. I write long and can be wordy. So short is the goal this time around. I might submit it to Writers of the Future again and to some magazines. Unlike my last short piece, this one ends on a high note.

4.) The Blog: Yeah, yeah. I’ve set goals for this thing before. This time I’m hell bent on keeping to it though. My husband will be my accountability partner. I haven’t told him this yet, but he will.  The goal? 3 times  a week. They might even be me posting YouTube videos when I feel particularly lazy, but I’m sure I can churn out a minimum of 100 words or more per post.

And that’s me and the New Year. Has anyone else been thinking about what they’re going to do?


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