The End is in Sight!

Written By: Jess - Aug• 26•15

The End! So Close!

So, great news. I’m almost done with my revisions.  I’m just this close. Each week I estimate what I can get done and aim for that. If my estimation is right, I should finish the first week of September. Worst case scenario is I finish the second week. Actually, the worst case scenario is the baby comes early and I get it done through a sleep deprived state of newborness. But here’s hoping the baby wants to stay in there until its due date or later.

I’m excited to get the revisions over and done with. I’ve been blowing through a lot of it lately because it’s been more tweaking than rewriting. Instead of rewriting half an entire scene (or just an entire one), I’ve been maybe rewriting 1/4 of them. Though, looking at the scene I need to rewrite next, I might need to do another complete rewrite.

What’s up Next

Editing: I get to go through and nitpick. I’ll sit down and create a better plan on how I’m tackling this, but it’s going to be me going through lots of passes on my MS before I think it’s ‘ready’. I’m going to need Beta Readers at some point. Definitely before December. My goal is to start submitting this puppy around by then. I’ll be unbelievably ticked if it’s not ready at that point.

New Stuff: I’ll be writing something new, hopefully, during my edits of Book Baby #1. I’ve got a couple options. I might switch gears and work on a short story I have outlined, or I might move on to Book Baby #2. I need to rewrite the first chapter and see if I like it, but other than figuring out the POV, I have it also outlined and completely ready to go. I seriously hope I can pull off tight third person POV and keep it interesting, especially when I could have up to four different people I switch around with. We’ll see. Either way, I’m going to have to learn to juggle writing new stuff with editing other projects. Fun, fun.

Agent Searching: This one is scary. If I want to submit in December, then I need to have a list of agents I want to send to. I have a couple that I know of, but I need more. So looking up agents is going to be something I need to start doing soon.

And Baby: Little Critter, please wait. I know it’s close, but I need to get some things done before you get here. Not that I can’t get them done with a newborn, but it would be a lot easier if you could just wait, like, three more weeks.


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