Science Fiction, I Forgot How Awesome You Are

Written By: Jess - Jul• 06•15

Sci-fi Rocks

For the past week I’ve been addicted to a new series called “The Dred Chronicles“. The next book is out in August (yay for good timing!). It’s a romantic sci-fi trilogy and a spin off from the Sirantha Jax series (unless she writes more. Please write more). What’s funny is I’ve had the first book of the Sirantha Jax series, Grimspace, up on my to-be-read shelf. Guess it just got bumped up the list.

Anyways, I’ve been book frenzying over them. Really good. Very gory. TONS of action.

Things That Make Me Want to Cry


Total amount of time to hear back on my latest submission? Three days. Including the weekend. Good news is I can submit it elsewhere so much faster. Bad news is it took three days to say ‘nope’.

Maybe . . . maybe . . . nope. I’m the bunny. The carrots are publication.

What I’ve been sending out is my short story I wrote for Writers of the Future, the same one I got an honorable mention for, and it’s wracking up the rejection forms. I knew it would happen. It still sucks. And in all honestly I don’t think it will sell as a short story or novelette.

Reasons Why:

  1. It’s sad. It is not an ‘up’ story. Downers, from what I understand, are more difficult to sell. People want happy endings.
  2. It would work better as a novel.
  3. Something is off about it. I just can’t place my finger on what.

Yeah. Me too, Han.


Luckily, I have chocolate and a rejection box for the rejection emails.


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