Mini Update: Obsessions & Some Progress

Written By: Jess - Jun• 15•15

I actually had a blog post all written up and ready to go . . . and failed to post it. *sigh* Now it’s out of date and deleted. Oh well. Lesson learned. Write the dang thing and hit publish.

This will be quick today, simply because I want to publish something. It’s been long overdue.

What I’ve been obsessed with: Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews. It’s an online serial and right now it’s complete and up on their website probably for a couple more weeks.

What I’ve been struggling with: Getting words on the stupid page. Right when I think I’m doing pretty well, I get knocked off course again.

Plan to fix it: I’m going to try to go to the library a couple hours every day after work (and on Saturdays). Starting today. *grits teeth in determination* I figure it’ll get me back into the habit. Maybe I’ll try and move around the house with my laptop. I need to learn to write anywhere again and leave the stupid internet alone when I sit down to write. YouTube and Facebook are the enemy, people.

Writing and the internet go together about as well as this . . .

What I’ve been doing well at: Plotting. I feel like I’ve got my Pandora story under control now. There’s one or two things I’m playing with the idea of cutting, but I’m going to hold off a bit before making that change–if I do it at all. I’ve also accepted the fact that I don’t need to hurry this. It’s not a race. And even if I don’t get this book published, I know I need the practice of finishing something 100% (from 1st draft to polished MS).

Other realizations: My next WIP, a werewolf story, needs to be in third person. I did not like accepting this.  Since the beginning of planning it, I’ve thought it should be that way but stubbornly set my heels in about making it first person. Now I accept it. Better than that, I’m okay with it.

So that’s all for now. See? Nice and short blog post. I’ll try and update sooner.

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  1. Alison says:

    Sweep in Peace is like a drug. I know they just ended, but I need another one :D!
    You can get words on page!! You can do this – and I want to read them when you do.

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