Mini Update: Struggling

Written By: Jess - Apr• 25•15

So, I’m struggling getting writing done. Still. And reading. I haven’t read a full book in over a month. I think GoodReads tells me I’m over 7 books behind. Nope–I just checked. It’s 8 books. EIGHT.

Which means I’m going to have to cheat and read a ton of short stories and novellas in any hopes of catching up.

As for writing, my ADD is either seriously acting up, it’s the whole pregnancy thing, or I’m just in a funk. I’m writing sort of new stuff, or at least new scenes, so you’d think I’d be able to put out my daily 1,200 word count like I was when I wrote the first draft. Nope. Some days I do, if I can make myself focus long enough. I’m just getting really annoyed with it. The desire is there, and I know what I want to put on the page, it’s just actually doing it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly.

In other news, I think I might rewatch ‘Penny Dreadful’ before the new season starts. Jack got me the DVDs for Christmas and I still need to have a marathon with them. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend if I make my writing goal.

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