Second Draft is DONE! Thank you writing retreat!

Written By: Jess - Sep• 15•14

So iWriteNetWork had their second writing retreat this past weekend and I got to reconnect with some of my talented writer friends while there.

I did get a lot done while there, but it wasn’t as productive as last time for me. The problem? I didn’t mentally prepare like last time. I’ve learned that you really need to prep before you go to those type of things. Mostly I didn’t have time to, but I’ll make sure to do so for the one in the spring.

While at the retreat I did finish the second draft of the short story I wrote at bootcamp in July. (It is done, it is done, it is done, done, done! aHA!)

Mostly it was adding more details, expanding on things, and writing new scenes. It went from 8k to 16k. It’s a monster of a short story, people. I’m a little worried that I’ll have trouble selling it because of it’s length.  I do plan on sending it to Writers of the Future (their current limit is 17k), but I need to get it to my critique groups, some savvy reader friends, and find an editor. Right now I have some pages with one editor, so hopefully I’ll like the feedback and we’ll click. Fingers crossed.

Oh, one other thing. I’m starting the first draft of my new book baby tonight. Yep! What I’ve nicknamed TAP is finally getting started! I’m pretty excited.

I’m also starting the edits on my Pandora novel. So that’ll be fun. Not. I found out at the retreat that I really, really hate edits. I’d much rather write a whole new first draft. It takes me a while to get into the groove with editing. But at least I know I’m going to need lots of chocolate to get me through the misery of fixing it.

Writers, what are you working on? What stage of working on a book do you love/hate the most?

Non writers: What’s going on with you?

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