Writing Prompt #14: Reluctantly he handed over the key.

Written By: Jess - Jun• 27•14

Better late than never, right? Things have been a little crazy this week, but I finally was able to write this week’s writing prompt! Looks like I’ll be doing double duty with feedback come Wednesday or this weekend. Oh, well. 🙂 Hope you enjoy this one.

Reluctantly he handed over the key.Today’s Writing Prompt:

Reluctantly he handed over the key.

My 100 Words:

The words echoed in the Great Hall like a death sentence.

Brayson’s hand shook as he approached the throne and reached into his robe, his fingers searching for the rough edges he’d grown accustomed to.

“Who’s next?” he heard the new monarch ask the advisor.

Scrapping parchment filled the silence.

“My King,” Brayson whispered, drawing the attention back to him as he reluctantly handed over the key.

“Thank you,” the king said, surprised. None, so far, had put up so little a fight.

“May you find youth from the fountain.” Brayson said before fleeing the room, leaving a speechless king.


Photo Credit: Keattikorn

Photo Credit: Keattikorn

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