Editing, Grammar, and Bribes

Written By: Jess - Jun• 16•14

Editing and Bribes

It’s been rough getting started, but the edits on my book-baby are officially underway!  Yay!

I’ve discovered (rather quickly, actually) how difficult getting into editing mode is. Turns out it’s a different monster than writing the dang thing was. When I wrote the first draft I worked towards a word count goal, and when I reached it I could stop. With edits I need to figure out a new way of getting it done. I’ve ordered a timer to help keep me on track (I know there are online ones, but I do better with physical gadgets).

So, about the actual edits. How are they going so far? About as expected.


I knew I’d be changing a lot , but the more I read the more I realize my book needs some serious condensing and overhauls. Some things I’m going to be cutting out entirely. I haven’t started to make notes on the middle yet, but I get the feeling it’s not going to be as bad.

The first third needs to be almost entirely rewritten, the second third will probably need to be partially rewritten, and the home stretch is probably going to be the least changed. Ugh. I hope people are right when they’ve told me it’s easier to edit a book than it is to write one.

I have decided to try and incorporate one tool that a lot of writers have recommended. Self bribes. I plan on buying a ticket to a movie for next week (either the new How to Train Your Dragon movie or Maleficent) and if I get my read through and edit notes done then I can go and see it. If not, then it’s a wasted ticket ($10 or whatever it costs).  If I get Alison’s done as well, then I’ll let myself buy some popcorn. (Loving it, btw. 😉  )

 Something Weird …

In case you didn’t read it, I wrote a post on how I was going to be reading a lot of grammar books in hopes of getting better at it. I hated grammar. It is not my strong suite by a long shot. But I wanted to mention something strange that started to happen around the second one I finished. I started to like grammar.

What’s stranger is I’m reading my 4th one right now and I now have a list of others I want to order.  Stranger things have happened in my life, though this is probably one of the most surprising (to me at least). Now, my enjoying it doesn’t mean I’m actually getting better at grammar, but I’m holding out a little hope. If anything I can now defend myself when I start sentences with ‘but’ or ‘and’.


So that’s what’s going on with me lately. Oh, and here’s ‘the binder.’


I wrote that! All 252 pages!

I wrote that! All 252 pages!

And with that said …

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  1. Alison says:

    Ack! You should totally get popcorn. (Not contingent on mine) 🙂 I’m glad that grammar is becoming your friend (Love the cat GIF), there are some really fun books out there for grammar. I need to re-read them.
    Good work on getting into editing and good luck! (I do expect to read said tome once completed!)

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