And the Wheel Keeps Spinning, and spinning and spinning …

Written By: Jess - May• 19•14

I’m starting to realize this is going to be an intense summer and I’m a little worried about that. I have a spread sheet that tracks all the conferences/workshops, and saying that it’s a little full would be an understatement to say the least.  I’m mildly concerned about burnout.  Any suggestions on how to keep that from happening?

In other news, the critique groups I’m in are going great! I get to work with some pretty talented writers. One group meets every week and the other gets together every other, which works out nicely. Granted, I feel like my brain is turning to mush from critiquing so much, but that’s mostly due to my lack of planning it all out (I’ve looked at what each group is doing and it’s going to calm down in a month or two – so it’s not long term intensity).

As for my own writing? That’s going well for the most part. Turns out I’m not going to be able to start edits on This Damn Jar until June, but that’s okay. That just means I’ll have two months of sitting on it rather than a month and a half.

As for the new shiny, that’s actually right on track. I finished all the major character bios last week (yea!) and it’s almost ready to start being written. However, there’s been one new major development with it this week that I wasn’t expecting. I’ve been struggling with what pov to write it in and finally decided to go with first person, but as I wrote the bios for some of the major players in the story, one of them in particular demanded to have a voice too.

What’s funny is that I’m starting to agree with that voice. This character has as much to lose as my original main character, which really made them stand out when I was compiling their dossier. I’ve already pitched the idea to my Saturday critique group which helped me solidify my opinion of it.

This week I’m hoping to get some more scene ideas from my Thursday people and then some more again on Saturday.

So that’s pretty much it, except for the awesome quote below. If you’re struggling as a writer, just remember this (I know it made me feel better):




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