Weekend Mayhem – LDStoryMakers 2014

Written By: Jess - May• 06•14

  LDStoryMakers 2014

I attended my first year of LDStoryMakers this year! I really had a lot of fun being there and interacting with friends from the Utah Valley Writers Chapter and iWriteNetwork (as well as a few others who I know from around the state).

I got to attend some AMAZING classes and make new connections. On top of that I even found a couple of critique groups I’m going to join. Hopefully they’ll work out and we’ll mesh well. 🙂 *crosses fingers*

I’ve been needing a good group or two. As soon as I pull out my MS for “This Damn Jar” I’ll be able to clean it up and start taking it in to get torn to ribbons. Unfortunately, I won’t be doing that for another couple weeks, but in the mean time I can start attending the groups and getting to know everyone.

Some of the classes I got to attend while at StoryMakers included the intensives with J. Scott Savage and Brandon Sanderson. Both were extremely helpful and I learned a lot from them. If anything, I want to finish my Americorp year up ASAP so I can get my educational money and try and take Brandon Sanderson’s class (I can’t believe I actually want to attend BYU for something. Granted it’ll be for non-degree seeking purposes, but still. BYU. When did hell freeze over?) If only J.Scott Savage and Lisa Magnum taught semester long classes as well I’d be all set.

Other News

I have a new writing set up!

Sort of. Jack and I switched spots the night I got home from StoryMakers. Originally I was stationed at the ‘built in’ computer desk the apartment came with. I didn’t use it much because I had a cheap-o chair from IKEA that was incredibly uncomfortable, not to mention too short for the desk, and the space was cramped and cluttered.

However, we didn’t switch because my space wasn’t working for me (or at least that’s not what spurred the trade), but because Jack wanted to hook his computer up directly to the internet rather than over wifi. Now that my desktop is on the wifi setting I understand his desire (which is weird considering my little laptop has no problem with it). The wifi sucks major. But it’s worth it for me because I have a normal sized desk, my comfy fold-out chair (the IKEA chair is going to the first DI I see), and plenty of wall space for me to hang up my plotting/brainstorming board and calendar. We also bought an awesome little bookcase for me to put all my books on writing, resource material, and anything else related to me working on my books.

I’m in love with it.

Jack, good-naturedly, made a point to mention that the little black bookshelf is my fourth one in the apartment, which lead us to debating how true that statement was.  Yes. I know I have a problem. But really, I’m in love with my new space and I have since been writing a lot more on my desktop again:

The new desk setup

The new desk setup.


Up coming Workshops/Conferences I’m excited for:


Writers for Life Workshop 


iWriteNetwork’s Summer Workshop

Maybe Westercon 67 (looks way cool)


IRC Live! ’14


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