The Summer of Whedon

Written By: Jess - Apr• 07•14

Buffy and Firefly

A couple of summers ago I discovered “Buffy” on Netflix. Needless it was a good few months that year. I then went on a rampage and started watching everything by Joss Whedon and have been a huge fan ever since. This spring/summer I’ve decided to revisit both Buffy and Firefly for two reasons: awesome dialogue and great story telling.

After already attending a few conference I’ve started to hear other authors mentioning these shows, prompting me to revisit Joss Whedon’s work. I doubt I’ll watch everything, but I’ll at least revisit my two favorites and maybe the Avengers. I wish I liked the “Angel” spin-off more. I love David Boreanez, but unless he was all psychotic and without a soul he typically bored me to no end in that show. *waits for the outraged screaming of Angel fans everywhere*

So, this summer I’m going to try and watch an episode every day while taking notes/studying how they pulled off certain scenes and set up punchlines. If anyone wants to join me, feel free. 🙂

Planning Book 2

In other news I’ve been planning book #2! I took about a day to try and decide between jumping into a novella or working on my next big story idea. It didn’t take long to decide. Turns out there’s not a lot of resources on how to write a novella. I have the basics of it down, but I’m holding off. I think I’m going to read a few more this month and next before taking a stab at it.

So I’m moving on to the novel. I’m really surprised with how quickly I’ve progressed with planning out my new shiny book idea. I’ve worked a week on it so far and I already have a rough plot from beginning to end sketched out. Not only that, but it’s better organized than the one I just finished. I’ve been using Scrivener (best thing EVER btw) and messing with its features a little more.

I’ve heard the first book you write is the hardest and each one after that gets easier, but I never really understood that fully until now. I have a better idea of who needs full character sketches and who doesn’t this time around. I also know a few tricks for more tricky characters that don’t want to sit down and tell me about themselves. If I keep going at the pace I’ve set for laying the background/world building/character bios then I’m thinking I’ll be able to start writing it come the beginning or middle of next month (or worst case scenario in two).

Something else that’s rocked me back on my heels is how dark this new story wants to be.  I knew before I started really plotting it that it was going to be a great deal more violent than the last one, but I wasn’t expecting it to go as far as it’s wanting to go. And I haven’t even started writing it yet (other than one tiny little scene that I had to get out of my head). All I know is I’m excited to jump into it.

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