The Past Year

Written By: Jess - Jan• 31•19

It’s been a while. Turns out, this has been a very eventful year (+). We added to our family. Pregnancy really messed with me in terms of writing this time around. Also, workshopping a novel I wasn’t even halfway finished with yet really screwed me up. But the baby is here now, my hormones are leveling out, and my desire to write is back in full force. I’m also going to be sorting ADHD with (hopefully) medication, which should help. I’m excited to get back to work.

I decided what I’m plugging myself back into. There were a couple I was trying to decide between. My WIP–the ‘grim reaper’ book, for lack of a better description, won out. I need to finish it, if for no other reason than to say that I did.┬áIt’s my hardest book to write yet, simply because my progress on it was interrupted so often with it. I still like it. But I’m at a loss at what I was last working on with it. I was backtracking and trying to write new stuff all at the same time. It became a giant mess and pain in neck. So I’m having to reset the entire MS in a way. Just reread it. Delete what doesn’t work. Then move forward from that new starting point.

And then not let anyone read a lick of that damn first draft until it’s completely done, no matter how much guilt or pressure is thrown my way. Sorry. But I’m hording it away like an angry dragon this time around. You all can see it when it’s done. Whenever that may be.

After that, I’d like to try to plunge myself into the unknown waters of romance. I read romance. I have yet to have written any of it.

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