Reporting from the Trenches (#1) + Workshops!

Written By: Jess - Oct• 19•17

The Query Trench Report (#1):

It’s been weeks since I’ve heard from any agents. No rejections, no ‘please send more’, no nothin’. I need to check how long it’s been and either follow up (only on the agents that encourage you to drop a line if you haven’t heard back in x amount of weeks) or consider it a rejection. I also probably need to submit to some more off of my list. So there’s that. Not much to report except that I’m still at it.

Writerly Stuff

So, every year I like to list the conferences/workshops/retreats/etc. of what I’m signed up for, and although the list isn’t as long this year, here it is:

Writers’ Family Reunion

November 11th, 2017

My first Texas conference! I mentioned this in the last post I did. I’m pretty pumped. I also joined the Houston Writers House. The conference is only for a day, but it looks like a great way to meet people and looks like a lot of fun.

Lone Star Ink Writing Conference

February 8th-10th, 2017

I haven’t signed up for this one yet, but I likely will before the end of December. It will be in Dallas, and I’ll likely go for two reasons: more networking/friend making and the workshops/boot-camps. It’s also for a killer price (so was the Writers’ Family Reunion. No one tell the Texans running these that they could charge double what they are. Holy crap are the conferences here gloriously cheap).

I’m hoping I can use this conference as a way to workshop what I take to Futurescapes (see below). I don’t know what the deadline for submitting to Futurescapes is (this year, we’re  sending our chapters in advance of the conference so everyone has time to read and make notes), but if it’s before mid February I might beg Luke and the-powers-that-be that are in charge of Futurescapes to please let me submit a little later. Fingers crossed.

What’s also cool about this conference is that I know a lot of the instructors who are coming (even if they probably don’t remember me)! Yay!


April 16th-18th, 2018

It’s official. I’m going back this year! I already paid tuition, and probably will pay for a plane ticket in the next few days. Last year it was fantastic, and after seeing the schedule and hearing more about the changes for 2018, it should be even better. Yay, Futurescapes!


So far, that’s it as far as conferences go. Going to Futurescapes takes the biggest chunk this year simple because of plane tickets and whatnot.


I rented “Belle”. I’ve wanted to see that movie for a while now and I can’t wait to carve some time out this weekend and enjoy it.


I’m a decent way through Grace Draven’s “Gaslight Hades” and I’m having to use the dictionary feature of my kindle more than I’d like to admit. I love her writing. Out of all the self-published authors I’ve read, she might very well be my favorite. This little novella is a fantasy/steampunk romance that is rather delightful so far. It’s also useful because it’s in a similar vein to what I’m writing next.


Next up:

Agatha Christie’s “Hallowe’en Party“.


Looks like spooky fun. 🙂
Also writing books. Reading a lot of those right now.

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