A Writers Family Reunion

Written By: Jess - Oct• 12•17

So I wrote a post a while back but didn’t post it. To be honest, it was too depressing. Maybe I’ll post it later, but for now I’ll just sit and be wishy-washy. While I decide, here’s another post that isn’t such a downer.


We’re in our house! Mostly unpacked too! Yay!

I’ve also started a new novel. Well, I’ve plotted it at least and know what I’m doing next. I’m not giving myself 2-3 week so of letting it sit while I binge on Aaron Sorkin’s Master Class and read writing books. I like doing things like that and then looking at the plot again before actually starting the ms. This might be the shortest I’ve waited to jump into a draft after outlining though.

Side note: I’m really excited about the next novel. Writing something new is fun. I forgot how fun. I have no idea what to label it though. I’m leaning towards just ‘fantasy’, but that sounds to…plain? I’m sure it’ll change to something else.

Writing Groups & Writing Friends

So, I don’t believe that the fourth largest city in the US has fewer writers than Utah. I just don’t–even though it kinda feels that way. My guess is the networking/socializing isn’t as strong as in Utah. I don’t know. All I know is that finding local groups means I’m going to be driving 30 minutes at least to meet them, while in Utah it was more like 10 minutes. But there are groups. I just joined one tonight for the soul purpose of meeting other writers and hopefully making a friend or two. It’s lonely here.

I also signed up for a mini conference (they’re calling it a Writers Family Reunion). What’s cool about it is that several writing groups/leagues/organizations are getting together to host it. I can’t say I ever saw that in Utah. It would be akin to LDStorymakers, League of Utah Writers, LTUE, and Writing for Charity (plus some others) hosting something together. I’m impressed that what looks like competing organizations are joining forces for writers to mingle… and it looks awesome. So, kudos to them. I can’t wait.


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  1. Jack says:

    Excited for the next novel! πŸ™‚

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