My “Rejection Box” is going to make me gain 10 lbs, I swear.

Written By: Jess - Aug• 23•17

This is a combo post. Yep. You’re getting both the “Rejection Box” post and “I’ve started querying!”.  Sadly, those two are already connected. Let’s get started, shall we?

Let the Querying Begin!

More accurately, I started this weekend. I got my first rejection in less than two days. I then ate chocolate, sat down, and looked up more agents. I have since queried four others, and I’ll keep sending them out until I’ve submitted 8 active queries that I’m waiting to hear back on.

Soon as I get a rejection, I’ll pinpoint another potential agent and query them next. Basically, lather, rinse, repeat until my soul can’t take it anymore and it shatters into a million pieces and I shelve the book. But I think it’s a little too early before doing that just yet.

Which brings me to “The Rejected Box”

I did not come up with this. Someone at a workshop or conference mentioned that they did this, and when I heard it, I thought, “I’m stealing that idea.”

Rejected boxFirst, take a box. Now fill it with your favorite candy/treats. Next, you wait for the inevitable to happen whenever you query agents (with the very rare, and very exciting exceptions). Print off the rejection, go to your box and put the letter in and take a piece of candy out.

My way of thinking is the candy helps fill the ragged hole that the rejection letter left. I don’t get mad, only sad. My rejection box has allllll sorts of chocolates. Cheap ones, more expensive, my top favorites, big, and little. Depending on the size of wound the rejection letter left in my soul determines the chocolate of choice.candy

I’ve had two rejections so far. The first one hurt the most, like expected (I just wasn’t expecting it so fast). That one required some higher quality junk food. The second one only hurt a little bit (and this one beat the first one in time between query sent and rejection. Less than 24 hours. At least they were prompt and ending my misery of waiting, I guess?).

Anyway, if all agents are this fast (which, hey, I’m not complaining. I just am a little surprised by it since I hear most people are waiting months sometimes), then I might need to ration out the chocolate to maybe every third rejection.

 The Barnes & Noble Adventure

Pretty much anything is an adventure now that I’ve got a near two-year-old. Thank goodness for strollers I can strap the kiddo into. Anyway, I needed a new journal. I’ve noticed with the last few projects that I’ve filled the Barnes & Noble spiral ones more than any other. In the past, my notes were all over the place in various notebooks, which still kinda happens, but when I use the B&N notebooks, it’s more organized and definitely used the most often. I just like them a lot.

So I figured I needed a new one for whatever I write next (Still need to look at my notes. Once I have enough queries sent out, I’ll switch gears and look through my ideas to see if any are worth exploring). The B&N had slim pickings. Luckily, I still found one:


I love it. I think it’s pretty and fun, and although I think “Alice in Wonderland” is one freaking weird book, this is great. Hopefully good things will go into this one. Can’t wait to start filling it up with ideas, random dialogue that may or may not be used, and word counts.

While at B&N, I of course got lost in all the shelves. When I first walked in I saw this:


Focused on agents and submitting your MS? Yes, please. Granted, none of the agents in this represent what I write (I was bummed, but I’ve subscribed to this mag before, so I suspected it wouldn’t). But it still has info that will be really useful. I’m excited about a couple of the articles. Which lead me to thinking about how to find more agents. Which in turn lead me to the reference section of the bookstore where I found something well worth the money.


“Guide to Literary Agents 2017”

Yeah. That’s a no-brainer. I’ve also subscribed to the Publishers Marketplace (a great tool for finding out recent deals agents have made) and query tracker. Now I’m brushing up on my twitter hashtags. I guess tomorrow is #PitMad? I’m not 100% sure what #PitMad is, but you can bet I’ll have a pretty dang good idea before I go to bed tonight.

The Blog

The Blog itself needs some updating now that we’ve moved. I think it needed some TLC long before that, but the poor thing has been a bit neglected since I went into edit mode. It’s a little easier writing for the blog when I don’t have a story I’m trying to meet a word count goal on or editing it ’til I want to cry. It’s nice to work on posts again. I’ve missed it. Maybe I’ll resurrect my weekly 100 word story posts. Those were always surprisingly enjoyable. Hey, actually maybe I’ll look at some of my old ones for inspiration . . .

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