Don’t hit the “Panic Button”

Written By: Jess - Aug• 15•17

Mini-rant Ahead:

So this is fun. Look at my blog and all the ugly images Photobucket replaced my gifs with. *Sigh* I updated the last entry so there are none, and I’ll figure it out later for the rest of my posts. Photobucket won’t even let me know what gifs I was using so I can’t download them and re-upload them to here. Screw you, Photobucket. I’m not spending $400 A YEAR for gifs. Time to find a new photo-sharing site.

*Rant over*

We Moved Outside of Utah:

In other news, we moved to Missouri City, Texas. For those wondering where on God’s green earth that is, it’s part of the greater Houston area. What’s the greater Houston area? Wikipedia will tell you. But in summary, it’s the metropolitan area of Houston. It’s big. It’s really big and encompasses several cities. When people unfamiliar with Texas ask to where I’ve moved, I always just say ‘Houston’, but more specifically it’s Missouri City.

I have mixed feelings on moving back to Texas, but overall, it should be a good change. It also means I’m closer to getting a horse and a German Shepherd, so, I’ll settle on a tentative ‘yay’.

The sucky part about moving, however, is my entire routine was completely disrupted. Before we moved, I was about a week or two from submitting. With the move, it moved it back by a lot. It’s been difficult trying to write and read and just have my normal life back when we aren’t living in our own space. Jack’s grandparent’s were kind enough to allow us to live in their house until we finish closing on the one we made an offer on, so at least it won’t be a long disruption. Hopefully by the end of September I’ll be back to my normal day-to-day pattern, including my writing. *fingers crossed*


Come hell or high water, I will submit my novel to at least one agent before the end of the week. Ready or not, I’m hitting send. I already have the email drafted, the synopsis attached, and I’m doing a quick skim/final read through before attaching the MS and hitting ‘send’. If I edit any more, it’s just going to be diminishing returns at this point.  I’ll probably have a post of celebration about starting the querying process, likely followed by the woes of rejection.

Fun stuff, fun stuff.

What am I doing next?

I keep getting asked what the next story is.

The answer is this: I don’t know yet.

I want to write the sequel to the novel I just finished. It keeps calling me and I get super excited just thinking about it. But writers and agents at every workshop or conference I go to suggest against doing this until I’ve sold the first book. No point writing the second in the series if you have no guarantee about the first. It’s a fair point I agree with. So, until that hopefully happens, I need to write something else. I have a bunch of notes in a box. I’ll look at them next week and either write a short story, plot, or a little of both.

We’ll see what happens.

Maybe I’ll just binge read until I have a house and go from there (I’m partial to this. Plus I need to catch up on some Korean dramas. I’ve missed those). It’s as much up in the air as everything else at this moment, and no one is more frustrated about it than I am.

In summary:

Life is good, full of change, full of stress, full of panic inducing curve balls, but I just keep trying to write to the best of my ability. Sometimes life makes it difficult, but I’m not quitting.


What I’m reading:

I am very slowly making it through the latest “Mercy Thompson” installment. Love the series to pieces, and normally I’d have it finished by now, but nope. Same reasons as above. Overall, I love it. Mercy is as fun as ever, and the writing is solid. Maybe I’ll try to finish it by the weekend.

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